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wqEssentially, it is an after-wedding party that the bride's parents provide for their and the groom's family, friends, and guests, plus the friends of the bride and groom. It should be magnanimous, memorable, and fun. It can also be very out-of-hand expensive, but it does not have to be that. By registering for her gifts, by web-searching, and by attending bridal showers, the bride elect makes noise that represents the bugle call of the fox hunt, where the hunting hounds are every business that wants to make a lot of money providing stuff for her wedding.

The smart bride elect should consider all of this contact, think about what is important to her about her wedding and discuss this with her parents. The wedding, the wedding reception, and the honeymoon should be special and memorable. But, it would be nice to also be a young couple that receives some startup money for married life. Typically, what happens is the father of the bride plans and intends to give his daughter a four or five-figure check as a wedding gift. Quite often, she does not get

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wrSome like it classy; some like it traditional. When it comes to Indian weddings, stage decoration takes centre stage. This is because the stage is where the wedding rituals that unite two people from two different backgrounds take place.

We give you a few ideas to give your wedding stage decoration that wow effect, which you had always wanted.

Classy and chic

If you want the stage to ooze classiness, you should choose subtle shades that are not too overpowering. You must always follow the less is more philosophy here. You can create a sensational wedding stage by choosing more than one colour and contrasting them. This will be highly striking yet soothing to the eyes and senses. If your backdrop is peach and white, you can choose bunches of flowers in slightly darker shades of orange and cream. This will add a new dimension to the entire stage. You can also add chandeliers for creating the perfect lighting.

Traditional twist

If you want the stage to be an extension of the traditional Hindu ceremony, decorate it with all the paraphernalia that reflect the same. You can use flowers

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wefWhen the thought of island weddings come up, they are very often nixed because the bride and groom assume it will be too expensive to pull off. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save money on the ceremony and accessories that can make having a dream event on the beach a reality. The following are some ideas to consider:

Let The Beach Be The Backdrop

Island weddings need little more decorating than the gorgeous surf as a backdrop. For those who want to save money on decorations, simply let the white sand and blue ocean be the primary decorations at the ceremony. If the ceremony is at sunset, a few inexpensive torches may be needed to add some extra ambiance. Some simple white chairs, a few inexpensive flower petals to line the aisle, and the bride and groom are all that is needed to make island weddings simply amazing.

Forego The Chairs

Since wedding ceremonies are very fast, another way to save money is to not rent chairs. If chairs are included with the wedding package, then they should be considered. However, some bridal coordinators charge extra

With the wedding day approaching quickly, we start to think and worry about the possible problems that could arise and trouble us on that day. It could be an acne breakout, the gown is not fitting, dark circles under the eyes, experiencing a bad hair day or anything else for that matter. While we can't eliminate something entirely from going wrong, but what can be done to ease those butterflies in the stomach is to take note of these habits that can be adopted before the big day.

1. Drink plenty of water.

Drinking ample amount of water is one of the most effective ways to enhance the glow on skin. When you start drinking water as a habit during the day, skin gets plump and rich and all the aging lines and blemishes sink in, making skin look younger. Drink at least 8-10 servings of water at regular intervals throughout the day. This practice will make the skin look fresher on this special day.

2. Communicating with the partner.

Developing excellent communication with the partner is very crucial. This can't be done alone, it will need full support from the partner. There are so many things and unresolved issues that need to be

Thankfully, choosing bridal boutiques can be a very easy task when the right things are taken into consideration. Since time is a reason when making so many plans, it's important to choose an upstanding and professional bridal boutique that will help everything go seamlessly. After all, for most brides-to-be the dress is the most important decision to be made and after that, everything seems to fall into place.

What to Look For

When checking out the various bridal boutiques there are some things to look for. First off, knowing what one is looking for and the services they'd prefer to have will help narrow down the choices. If the shop doesn't even carry the style the bride likes, what's the point of making an appointment? Decide if a ready-to-wear dress will do, or a custom gown is desired.

With style idea in mind, one can start hunting for bridal boutiques. A good place to find a favorite style is in bridal magazines. There are also guides that will tell which style will flatter the bride's body shape the best. She should consider which features she'd like to have stand out, and which she'd like to downplay. In any case, the right bridal boutiques

A great catering service will make sure that everyone is well fed and happy, and will leave people with a positive impression of the wedding and the sense of enjoying a truly special occasion. For those wondering where to find the best catering services for your wedding, here are a few helpful tips.

One of the first places to look for anyone hoping to find the ideal wedding catering service is in your local business directory, as you will find many of the professional and well established companies advertising here. You may find that your city or state has a business directory or two, so you should make checking them a top priority.

Look not only for wedding caterers, but also those who offer to cater to specific tastes and cuisines, such as French caterers, Italian caterers or Jewish caterers. If you have your heart set on a specific cuisine that you think would be the most for your special day, then it is a great idea to see what they can do to adapt to your occasion.

The next thing to do to find the best catering services for your wedding is to ask around friends and family, as you may very

The way this typically happens is a bride finds her perfect wedding dress and searches for it online by the designer. Links on the page to the side or along the bottom will show the same dress, but for cheaper. Curiosity takes over as she begins to find wedding dresses for up to 10% less than the gown she wants from the designer. Saving thousands of dollars is more than tempting.

These counterfeit schemes produce more and more disappointed brides every year. It's good to know the risks involved before shelling out what is still a lot of money only to receive wedding dresses that are not designer, and may turn up being completely different from what was expected.

Don't Believe the Pictures

Chinese wholesalers claim to use the same design patterns and materials as the original designer, but they don't. Time and time again this has been proven when wedding dresses show up looking almost completely different than what the bride expected. The only way to get the exact designer dress is to order the original, as every element they use to make the dress is super expensive.

Shipping is a Nightmare

When shipping from China to the U.S. its super expensive, there's no

Champagne is a colour quite similar to beige, but it has a slight sheen to it - a little touch of sparkle, while it is a warm hue it adds a toasty feel that is just like its name. Champagne coloured wedding dresses are becoming more popular and are so aptly named making you shine and sparkle - you truly will be the star of your wedding in a champagne bridal gown.

Champagne coloured wedding gowns look great no matter what season you are getting married in or whether your wedding is traditional or more informal. On the big day a champagne coloured wedding gown will look wonderful.

For an autumn wedding you can be a little more *creative* when it comes to the style of dress why not consider a mermaid style - the Pronovias Philipa is a gorgeous lace gown with that stunning mermaid fit, with lace appliqués and low cut back. This style of dress is quite quirky, but try it on you'll never know it could be just perfect for you.

For a summer wedding, consider the days are getting longer and warmer why not opt for a fairy tale style dress the Sottero Midgley Chanda is a timeless

Most important attire in a girl's life is her wedding costume. A girl, from her young teens starts planning about her gown and wants to look like a perfect fairy, straight from any fairytale on her special day. But when the actual time comes for picking up the right one, most women make some crucial mistakes. These mistakes are enlisted below in this article:

Shopping in advance:

Most girls start to shop very early. Since plans of tying the knot are as exciting, girls love shopping. So the first thing she buys for her special day is her gown. But during the course of time and several other associated pre-marriage stresses, most of the girls end up in losing some of their weight. Moreover, there are reported cases that, some girls get so much pampering from her relatives that they gain huge weight before their ceremony ( though this is rare as girls, especially now when girls are always conscious about their weight). This increase and decrease in the weight creates a barrier in the apparel fitting.

Trying too many dresses:

Some girls in order to grab the pristine and sophisticated attire search or pay a visit to innumerable shops and designer scan numerous

Every woman is different; we all have different body shapes, some of us are very slim, while others carry a few too many extra kilos. The good thing is it is possible to buy the perfect wedding dress for your body shape, we all have our own little quirks, and some look great in tight jeans where others look good in trousers. When choosing a bridal gown, you are faced with so many choices and it's a big choice, probably the BIGGEST choice of clothing you will ever make. Planning your big day has its ups and downs, but if you can do a little bit of *homework* before you hit the bridal boutiques it can make the world of difference.

The first thing to do is make use of all those body guides that are available. If you use those guides - the ones that classify the different body shapes - pear, full, hourglass, apple, tall, petite etc you can determine your shape and look for a wedding dress that will flatter your body. When you are looking for a wedding dress you'll find that by knowing your body shape alone - it will be a real time saver. You'll

Before you start looking for a wedding gown it is important that you do a little research first, you want to have a few ideas in your head and a bit of a shopping plan all worked out before you even step into a wedding gown boutique.

Have a budget in mind

Work out exactly what you can and can't afford to spend; don't forget to budget for shoes, jewellery, lingerie and any other accessories as well. Is your budget for your dress only or does it include any accessories. If you don't HAVE $10,000.00 to spend don't waste your time trying on a dress you know you can't afford, while it's fun to try on *dream dresses* while you are with friends and having fun you are only wasting time. If you keep your budget far more realistic you'll have a much easier time narrowing down your list, and don't forget you'll have your friends with you, you don't want to be wasting their time either.

Try and make a start - early!

As difficult as this might sound in general it takes women six to eight months to find the right bridal gown, choosing your wedding dress is not something that can

Shopping for your bridesmaid dresses is almost as important as choosing the right bridal gown for yourself. Choosing the right dress for your bridesmaids is important for 2 reasons -

1. You don't want to be *that friend* everyone talks about and cringes when they recall the dress you insisted they wear.

2. They are a big part of you day, they will be close to you in a LOT of photos your friends and their dresses are a big part of you day, when you look back you don't want to be shaking your head and saying *what WAS I thinking?!*

You don't want your bridesmaids and their dresses to fade into the background, but you don't want them too over the top - if you keep a few simple things in mind, choosing the right bridesmaids dresses won't be a chore - or a disaster.

Keep it simple - when you are considering bridesmaid dresses look for a simple dress that is elegant and timeless, with simple lines that is still very fashionable while still saying *special*. This type of dress will never go out of style and this means your friends can wear the dresses again and again. Often a bridesmaid

Bridal dresses are something that involves precision, style, beauty and most importantly how it fits on the bride to enhance her looks. A bride-to-be spends a lot of her time to choose the right couture for herself which is one of the most important aspects that she needs to look out for apart from making arrangements for the wedding. Other provisions include invitation cards, decorations, hiring photographers, arranging for the food and the wedding cake and purchasing the wedding favours for the guests. There are several other minor aspects like choosing her accessories, her makeup, hairdressers, etc. which is often coordinated with the couture.

You may have a choice of customising your dress by getting a tailor to stitch it for you or you could opt for the easier option of buying readymade ones that can be fitted to your body type by alteration experts. While you go ahead in making a choice on the bridal wear that suits you just well, here are a few dos and don'ts you could consider.

• Do not purchase it at the last minute - Even if you have other wedding tasks to attend to, your dress should get equal attention as it is something

Once the date of a wedding has been decided, a whole lot of work remains to be done. For Indians, weddings are big events and more or less every person has some plans or desires regarding their wedding days. Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect but the key to that perfection is proper organization. And once that's done properly, nothing can really stop your wedding from becoming the talk of the town.

Wedding planners:

The bride/ groom and their families have a lot on their plate to deal with and planning a wedding requires man power since there are a hundred of things to be taken care of: starting from marriage decoration to entertainment of the guests and then of course, there's the question of the grand banquet. As such, the most practical thing to do is to get in touch with a reputed wedding planner. The professionals can not only take care of everything but they can actually make your wedding as fabulous and cool as the ones you generally see in movies. If the wedding is taking place in Bangalore, the families can easily find out the most reputed wedding planners, who tend to weddings in Bangalore, through

A beach themed wedding is probably the most beautiful outdoor wedding destination for a couple who loves the nature and the open air. There are endless opportunities with a beach wedding and you can draw a few inspirational ideas online to make it the best day of your life. If you or someone you know is planning for a wedding day, read this article to get some important ideas regarding planning and management.

Invitation of a beach wedding:

Your initial step towards the beach wedding is preparing for the invitation. There are many beach destination wedding invitations available in the market. You can also ask a designer to craft a personalized card. You can even, design your own card according to your need and budget. You can create a card featuring rolling waves, beach, palm trees, seashell, starfish and tropical sunset. Send out your invitations well before the wedding day.

Wedding dresses:

Wedding attire always special and today we have a great number of options available in the market; especially beach wedding attire is something special that speaks beauty and nearness. Whether you need something flowing or sleeveless, a short or, a sundress, it should be elegant, and the options are endless. Normally, beach

With that aside, it can be difficult to find the right wedding performer, as there are many singers for hire advertising their services online or in other publications that you can choose from. With all the stress of organising the wedding, the honeymoon and the wedding reception, looking through all the adverts for singers for hire can be daunting.

There are several things to look for when hiring a wedding singer, however, and if you check for these different factors then you may well discover that it is much easier to filter out some of the performers who are less likely to deliver a stellar set at your reception and retain the contact details of those who could be perfect.

The first of these signs is choosing a singer who has been professionally trained as a performer, either by a private coach or teacher or at a performing arts school. Although there are many excellent amateur singers out there, it often does take training to be a great performer, which is no doubt what you will expect at an occasion as significant as a wedding.

Singing is more than just having a nice voice - it is also about being able to project

There are many aspects involved in creating the perfect wedding, including picking out a gorgeous wedding dress, finding the perfect venue, booking a good caterer and hiring the best musical entertainment. Another important thing to think about is picking out the right bridesmaid dresses for the occasion too, and this can be more difficult than it first appears.

One thing to consider here is that you will likely have several different people as bridesmaids, each with different body shapes, preferences and skin tones. Picking something to fit all of them at once was always going to be a tricky task, but there are some ways to please your bridesmaids and choose some eye-catching bridesmaid dresses that suit your big day too.

The first step is to take into account the personal preference of your bridesmaids in general, considering how daring they are prepared to go in the cut of their dresses and the length of the hemlines. Your bridesmaids will want to feel comfortable, but this does not mean that you cannot create a show-stopping look anyway.

Of course, the first way to create a really eye catching look is to choose a dress that has an unusual or striking cut. These can

Weddings are beautiful affairs and years from your big day you will want to go back and enjoy that time all over again. Your wedding photos are the most treasured items you get from your wedding because they capture all those amazing moments that will help you go back in time. Wedding photos are generally beautiful mostly because of the value of the day, but to get crisp, stunning photos you will love years later, you must prepare and make all the necessary plans before and during the wedding. Here are a few secrets that will fetch you great looking wedding photos.

1. Know what type of photography you want

You can go for traditional photography style where your photographer plays the director or artistic style photography where creative angles and effects are used to get amazing shots. When you know what type of photos you want, it becomes very easy to find a photographer who can deliver exactly what you want.

2. Get the right photographer

Wedding photos that are taken by a professional photographer never disappoint compared to those that your sister or father takes during the wedding. It might cost you to hire the services, but what you get in the

The most traditional Western wedding dresses come in all different shades of white, each of these different colors more for different skin tones and tastes. However, the more adventurous can now find more colorful options on the market too, ideal for standing out from the pack and celebrating a truly unique wedding.

Many major brands such as Marisa and Allure bridal wedding dresses have several different shades of white for you to consider first, as you may well find that going down the traditional route is better for you. If you do this, simply be aware that there will be better shades to suit your natural coloring.

It is often recommended that very fair skinned brides choose more ivory shades in their wedding gowns, since dark skinned women can opt for almost every shade of white for their dress. Skins with yellow undertones often do very well with pure white dresses, and tanned skins look particularly nice with richer, cream colored whites.

This is just a brief guide to whites that you can wear, so try out a few of the different ones above and see just how they work together with your particular skin tone. If you notice that the tips given

Weddings are happy occasions that are looked forward to. However, planning a wedding can be a stressful thing to do. It is now possible to outsource this whole stress and relax. The wedding can be enjoyed with family and friends without getting stressed about the details. If you have not decided whether you want to outsource the wedding planning, or take on the responsibility yourself, here are some reasons why you must hire a wedding planner.

The wedding planners have seen it all. They can offer you a load of advice on how to choose from various options. Right from flowers to even wedding trousseau they can offer advice on where to purchase for the maximum advantage. Some wedding planners can even suggest good jewelers to make the wedding jewelry. They will help you to cut down the huge task into small manageable assignments for you to do on a weekly and monthly basis. This helps in keeping you focused on task at hand, instead of rushing through the arrangements. The task can be done little at a time.

Wedding planners are excellent negotiators on our behalf. Right from the wedding hall or any venue of your choice, they have the best